Hadi Farnoud CEO of Camva || Tehran, Iran

Hadi studied MSc Information and Business Systems in University of Surrey, UK. He started his first startup, Acamedium, after graduation. Upon slow growth of Acamedium, he started a second startup, Any1 Ltd, an app for airport parking.

Hadi moved back to Iran two years ago. The opportunity in Iran made him decide to stay in Iran. He started a popular weekly meetup for entrepreneurs, Hamfekr. Hamfekr is in 15 cities of Iran and had more than 4000 people attened so far.

In September 2014, Hadi started his Iranian startup, Camva. Camva is a website builder that allows average joe to design a beautiful mobile-ready website without any technical knowledge. It’s an integrated A to Z solution that makes this process very easy to do.