Rani Aliahmad Managing General Partner of Venvest Capital || Los Angeles, USA

Rani is currently the managing Partner of VenVest Capital, a secondary market opportunity fund. Through its unique sourcing process, VenVest provides liquidity to founders/insiders while promoting employee retention for private and venture-backed companies.

Rani recently served as CEO of Trend Media, an innovator in the new media and television space, incubating TV shows through an innovative and disruptive development process. Prior to Trend Media, he was director of Craftsman Capital Advisors, providing venture structure, financing and merchant banking services for both entrepreneurs and venture investors in the technology, biotechnology, hospitality, entertainment and fashion industries.

While President of USA Link, a provider of end-to-end mobile solutions and services for the marketing arena, his team launched the first text messaging marketing campaign in the US for P&G. Rani was co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Enverta, a B2B platform for the US confectionery industry, where he led the corporate strategy and business development of its e-business software activities.

He received his BA in Economics from Yale University and his MBA in Information Technology and Entrepreneurship from MIT.While at MIT, he worked on some of the first Internet commercial applications and on IT healthcare startups. He is still closely affiliated with the MIT Entrepreneurship Center and part of the the E-Lab founding team.

He has also helped raise over $250 million for different ventures and investment funds and is a seed and angel investor in several tech companies in the US and serves on the boards of Total Beauty Media, Telnic and Blue Marble Materials among others.