Sanjay Sabnani Chairman & CEO of CrowdGather, Inc. || Los Angeles, USA

Prior to founding and taking CrowdGather public, Sabnani was an accomplished senior executive at several dynamic public companies in the technology and medical sectors. He has extensive deal making and transactional expertise having been involved in significant equity and debt capital raises. Sabnani is also a former financier and securities principal with extensive capital market relationships.

Sanjay Sabnani has also served as Chairman of the Board for Artwallah and TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Southern California, both non-profits.

He is published in two medical text book chapters as the only non M.D. or PhD contributor, and has authored and received patents based upon his understanding of the GABAa receptor complex and its implication in anxiety, addictive, and eating disorders.

On the rare occasion that he has spare time, Sabnani is focused on writing a book about his theories on the biological underpinnings of anxiety from a systems approach.