Ville Miettinen Founder & CEO at Microtask || Finland

Ville is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. The last couple of years he has been particularly interested in crowdsourcing, cloud labor, and human computation — disruptive technologies that are transforming the way people work all over the world.

A hacker at heart, he has spent way too many years banging out code in assembler, C, and other languages used by real cowboys. He’s got a long background in computer graphics, and was the CTO and one of the founders of Hybrid Graphics, a pioneer in real-time 3D graphics technologies. They created some of the very first commercial 3D engines and licensed them to games companies all over the world. He was the co-author of the SurRender3D engine & Umbra visibility optimization middleware (

Later on, they wrote the first implementations of OpenGL ES, OpenVG, JSR-184 and other graphics standards, and licensed them to hundreds of millions of embedded devices in the mobile phone and automotive industries. Hybrid was acquired by NVIDIA in 2006.

These days he’s the CEO & founder at Microtask (

He is an angel investor, board member and advisor in several graphics technology, crowdsourcing & games companies in Europe and Silicon Valley. He is actively involved in the Northern European start-up scene, mentoring start-ups at, e.g., Startup Sauna, GameFounders, Nestholma, Founder Institute and HackFwd.

In his free time, he travels around the planet, and over the years have become a semi-professional photographer (