Zahi Karam Principal Data Scientist at Bluecore Inc. || New York, USA

Zahi is the principal data scientist at Bluecore, one of NYC’s fastest growing tech start-ups. Bluecore enables retailers to create and distribute personalized emails with previously unachievable speed and precision, dynamically reacting to customer behaviors and cataloguing changes in seconds. With more than 160 clients across more than 180 high-end apparel, electronics, automotive and consumer brands, Bluecore delivers customer engagement and conversion at rates that defy industry standards.

At Bluecore, Zahi manages all things data related, from gathering insights that help retailers better understand their customers and the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns, to improving the personalization of triggered emails.

Zahi’s background is in machine learning. He received his PhD from MIT for work on semi-supervised learning algorithms to mitigate limited labeled training-data problems, applied to speaker and language identification. He then spent three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, working at the intersection of machine learning and medicine, most notably building a cell phone application that unobtrusively and securely monitors psychiatric patients’ mood-states through their phone-call-recorded speech.